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Diet Kidney

The main function of the kidneys is to detoxify the body naturally. In the case of kidney insufficiency (weak kidneys) this ability – depending on the extent of the damage – is only possible to a very limited extent. The products of the metabolic processes collect in the blood and put a strain on the organism. Suitably adjusted feeding helps to protect the kidneys and reduce adverse effects on the organism.

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  • Happy Cat Best Age 10+

    With the revolutionary "All in One" concept; With New Zealand mussels for strong joints; Gentle on the internal organs; The adapted ratio of minerals protects kidneys,liver and heart; Easily digestible proteins from poultry, salmon and lamb. Complete food for all cats from the 10th year of life & senior cats.
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  • Grain-free Rabbit

    With the revolutionary "All in One" concept; Ideal for cats with sensitive skin and gastrointestinal disorders; Grain-free; Easily digestible; No poultry or fish; Easily digestible.

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