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Healthy natural grain free dog treats

Giving your dog a treat is an expression of affection, they need to be given at the right time and for the right reason. Giving a treat is a vital aspect of training for your dog and achieving their best behaviour.


Do the ingredients of dog treats and dog chews really matter?


In simple terms yes. If you are already feeding a healthy, natural dog food, then why would you give your dog a cheap dog treat full of additives, preservatives and colourings! These ingredients can impair your dogs behaviour and make the training process a lot harder.


Happy Dog's Tasty Sticks


These are grain free, wheat free dog treats, available in three tasty flavours; Rabbit, Lamb and Duck.

They are made with a single source of protein, containing 96% meat with linseed and apple fibre. Happy Dog Tasty Sticks have no added sugar and contain no artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives making them healthy treats for dogs.

Toscana sticks
Ireland Sticks
New Zealand Sticks

Get your free dog treat sample today!


Fill out this quick questionnaire and we will pop the treats in the post. One treat per household, only while stocks last.

How to use dog treats effectively

Dog treats are used to reinforce good behaviour in dogs, therefore they should always been given when the dog is in a calm and submissive state. Try to hold back giving a dog treat if your dog is over-excited and simply wait until they have settled, otherwise they will assume that their behaviour is correct.  


To get your dog to become submissive in this situation, just move away from the dog and show a sign of disapproval. Your dog should soon realise you want them to behave in a certain manner and hopefully come to a sit or calm state. This is when you can reward your dog.

When to give your dog a treat

Treats are best received in-between meals. The best way of giving a treat is to lower the dog treat in a closed fingers under the dog's nose. This will allow the dog to smell the dog treat but not be able to take the dog treat until you are ready.


When you are ready to reward your dog, bring the dog treat above the nose and hold it above their head. This should put the dog in a natural position to sit. Once the dog is firmly sitting on the ground, reveal the dog treat and give the command for the dog to take the dog treat gently from you.

Too much of a good thing!

Sadly there can be too much of a good thing! You have to make sure you don't over feed your dog, every treat will count to their total daily allowance. We recommend that you give up to 10% of their daily food requirements in dog treats.


So for example; a 35kg Labrador fed on Happy Dog Adult Maxi would be able to have up to 37g's of treats per day. But remember their other food intake must be reduced by 10%.

If your dog needs to shave a few pounds, take a look at our blog on Weight Management

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