Welcome to the world of healthy cat food!

Dear Cat Lover,

Our family are the 3rd generation producing high quality cat food in Wehringen, Bavaria. As big cat lovers and the resulting quest for optimal nutrition, we have developed unique recipes for the health and vitality of your cat.

The special thing about it? The carefully composed variety of pure natural ingredients. We source raw ingredients from local farmers and are thus personally responsible for the safe origin of our food ingredients. Only high quality proteins, combined with the valuable properties of herbs and fruits, are used in our products.

Happy Cat offers the exact nutrition that your cat requires. For every size, for every need and for every age - from kitten to senior.

Best regards,

Georg Müller,

Owner & Managing Director


Our Quality Criteria

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

We do not compromise on quality. Happy cat stands for best quality Made in Germany


The best raw materials

We use the highest quality raw materials and ingredients from local farmers.

What the body needs

What the body needs

We guarantee optimum digestibility, over 90%.

Natural Life

Natural Life

We constantly endeavour to use natural species-appropriate variety of raw ingredients in our recipes.

High quality protein sources

High-quality protein sources

The proteins originate from freshly slaughtered animals.

No soya

No Soya

We do not use soya.

Natural through and through

Natural through and through

We use no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, or genetically-modified raw ingredients.

No animal testing

We are opposed to the use of animal testing.

Quality control

Stringent quality controls

Extremely stringent independent checks guarantee quality at the highest level.

The Happy Cat Natural Life Concept®

Healthy cat food is not only based on fresh meat. Natural products with health-promoting properties and substances are indispensable for aiding optimum and species-appropriate metabolism. The Happy Cat Natural Life Concept combines these ingredients, ensuring that your cat is supplied with everything needed to benefit the body holistically – from a strong immune system to a healthy coat.

Supreme and La Cuisine products from Happy Cat contain the unique Happy Cat Natural Life Concept

Our Natural Life Concept is a further development of our proven Cat Happy Life Plus Concept. To keep the ingredients gluten-free, we now no longer use fermented grains. Instead, our blend of herbs now also contains milk thistle, which is credited with supporting liver function.


Selected Herbs

From freshly dried herbs for stomach, intestines and circulation. They promote natural healthy digestion.


Apple and Fruit Components

Natural, pectin rich fibres ensure well regulated digestion.


Trace Elements

For an optimal supply of all the important trace elements. They are necessary for life and help prevent deficiencies.



Freshly ground by us. Contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat metabolism.


Chicory Root

Chicory root contains the natural fibre inulin, to improve intestinal flora.

Why dry food?

Just as with people, the health, zest and wellbeing of your cat depends to a large extent on the food it eats every day.

We recommend a high quality complete dry food for a balanced, healthy diet for your cat.

Dry food is healthier, more effective and more affordable.

Wide range of recipes

Whether your cat is old or young, slim or chubby, active or laid back, robust or very sensitive, there is a wide range of different recipes in dry food. So the food can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements of your four-legged friend.

Use our food advisor to find just the right varieties from our Happy Cat range, or contact our team of vets for individual advice.

Dental Care

Dry food is good for caring for teeth and strengthening the bite. Although it cannot completely prevent tartar, it can at least usually postpone its occurrence. In addition, biting through croquettes helps to keep teeth firm and to prevent loose teeth.

Declaring the source of protein

With high-quality dry food the sources of protein are clearly declared. Not so with tinned food: even with high-quality products the composition only states "Meat and animal by-products".