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About Happy Cat

About Happy Cat - the home of healthy pet food

Happy Cat is a super-premium, German brand of cat food owned by family-run company Interquell. What started in 1948 in Wehringen, Germany, with the production of potato flakes as feed for working animals has fast become Germany’s second largest pet food brand. We are proud to offer you the exact high-quality nutrition that your cat requires. For every size, for every need and for every age - from kitten to senior.


Top-quality, Natural Cat Food Created by Experts

As a family company up against multi-national firms, Happy Cat has experienced a phenomenal growth rate. Not only have these high-quality, veterinary-made products conquered the German market but they’ve made their way around the rest of the globe and can now be found in 66 countries worldwide. This growth is the result of a passionate team of experienced cat lovers and industry experts (including vets, vet nurses and nutritionists) who have strived to do everything they can to produce the best available nutrition for cats of every size, every age and every need.

Despite its phenomenal growth rate, Happy Cat has stuck to its roots and all product are made exclusively in Wehringen using locally sourced raw materials from local suppliers that we has used for many years. There are, of course, exceptions such as the ostrich meat sources from Africa. However, when buying any raw material, Happy Cat ensures they have not been genetically modified. A long standing motto of our company is ‘Naturally Healthier’. All products are made without artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.


Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Responsibility for people, animals and the environment is a topic very close to the heart of Georg Muller, owner and MD of Interquell. The company produces green energy by means of a photovoltaic system, produced with equipment that meets the latest environmental technical standards, uses local raw materials with short journeys as much as possible for sustainability and transport packaging consists of 100% recycled paper. Furthermore, the company is involved in various projects focussing on social engagement and sustainability, more of which can be read about by clicking here.